Building on Serum’s Vision

What Makes a Great Project?




  1. If you have a large following, show it to them
  2. If you are a master marketer, then spin your magic
  3. You can hire a team for marketing, customer service, etc.
  4. You can join forces with an existing project with reach
  5. In the extreme case, if your project is extremely useful, you can buy ads for it

Specific Advice

Useful Projects

  1. Look through here
  2. Ask people in Discord
  3. Think about what you’d want to use and build it
  4. Think about which things from outside of Serum (or outside of DeFi/crypto altogether) would make sense on-chain
  5. Ask others for ideas
  6. Generate a list of ideas and run them by people (again, discord is a good place for this!)
  7. Try to map out revenue projections, as an exercise to prove to yourself that there is a plausible pathway to usefulness

Building Well

  1. Read through this doc
  2. Build a GUI
  3. Mercilessly click through every function people would use and fix thing that don’t feel right
  4. Put more explanation in the GUI than you think it needs
  5. Show it to a friend and see where they get stuck
  6. Look at how other projects are built and copy that
  7. Test your project with a huge range of possible inputs to see if it’s robust
  8. Make sure you understand the whole flow of the system and that it makes sense
  9. Ask others for input on what could be improved
  10. Have others ready through the code


  1. Lots of people want to launch tokens. I wouldn’t tell you not to! But make sure you really have a project before you make a token.
  2. If you do want to make a token, you can use a ton of resources to make the process easy!
  3. Token minting GUIs
  4. Add your own markets to a DEX or Swap
  5. Take a lot of feedback from your users and testers, and implement it
  6. Use word of mouth, Twitter, etc. to broaden your reach
  7. If you don’t want to be the main marketer, hire someone or work with someone who does
  8. Consider finding an app with existing users and building on that
  9. Bonfida is a good resource to talk to!
  10. Remain dedicated to your project; don’t give it up just because you’ve released a version. There’s always more to do on it!



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