Forum Summary — Week of 6/27 — Wallet Security, Zeta Markets and Mango Markets

Serum-dex and the Security of Wallets

One of the main points raised by active Serum member @jsoneaday centered around the security of wallets deployed on pool accounts using Serum-dex. The concern revolved around controlling which wallet accounts can deploy new pool accounts to the Dex. An interesting scenario of using a whitelist hard-coded into the Dex was proposed, but the community hasn’t come up with a clear solution as of yet.

Zeta Market Updates

In other news, @filip from Solrise posted to inform the Serum community about Zeta Markets’ incentive program. Solrise is a decentralized asset management platform allowing users to create their own fund or participate in someone else’s crypto fund. They believe Zeta Markets’ incentive program will be a great leap forward for the growth of the Serum ecosystem.

Mango Markets Updates

Another major Market Maker in the Serum community, Mango Markets, is also doing their part to contribute to the evolution of the ecosystem. Mango is currently in the process of running an incentive contest for margins trading through Mango directly on the Serum order books.



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