Migrating from Sollet

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2 min readMar 16, 2022


The Sollet wallet features a built-in bridge to convert ERC20 assets to SPL tokens. These assets were historically used by many Solana dApps as the canonical version of ERC20 wrapped assets on Solana.

Today we are announcing the deprecation plan of Sollet-wrapped assets.

Sollet Bridge

Serum is migrating away from Sollet wrapped assets and Sollet bridge for ERC20 tokens.

Sollet deposit from FTX

Withdrawals and deposits of Sollet wrapped assets from FTX will be disabled for Sollet tokens.

  • Timeline of FTX withdrawals: April 30
  • Timeline of FTX deposits: Dec 31 2022
  • Timeline of deprecating the Sollet bridge (deposits and withdrawals of ERC20 tokens): April 30

How to Swap Sollet assets to Wormhole assets?

Option 1: Swap from Sollet asset to Wormhole asset on Jupiter if there is enough liquidity.

Option 2:
1. Open Sollet
2. Go to your Sollet asset
3. Click send
4. Click send as native ETH / ERC20 option
5. Send as ERC20 to Ethereum blockchain
6. From Ethereum blockchain, send back to Solana via Wormhole on wormholebridge.com

Sollet also supports non-ERC20 assets such as BTC and HNT. There are no current plans to deprecate these assets.

For questions and developer support, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@projectserum.com.

We’re always happy to answer questions or assist you in any way we can.

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