PsyOptions Build Decentralized Options on Serum Core

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2 min readNov 10, 2021


Following our announcement today on Serum Core, we are also thrilled to announce the first integration. Serum Core is the newest and highly anticipated upgrade to Project Serum, a protocol delivering the underlying liquidity infrastructure to decentralized applications built on Solana’s fast and censorship-resistant blockchain.

PsyOptions will leverage Serum Core’s novel, pure matching engine architecture, designed with decentralised derivatives in mind, to create a fully on-chain decentralised undercollateralized European style options protocol on Solana.

PsyOptions was one of the very first derivatives protocols to build on Serum and Solana, winning the first Solana Season hackathon, and going on to become highly respected and beloved contributors to Serum’s development. PsyOptions’ commitment and shared vision with the Serum ecosystem are underscored by their willingness to adapt and build in sync with important upgrades to the Serum and Solana ecosystem.

How does PsyOptions work together with Serum Core?

PsyOptions uses Serum Core to create an under collateralized European options protocol. Removing the requirement for token based positions allows for a robust portfolio margining system across many positions. This drastically increases the capital efficiency as compared to the PsyOptions American style protocol.

About PsyOptions

PsyOptions aims to become one of the foundational DeFi primitives on the Solana blockchain. Providing a clearing house infrastructure to the Solana ecosystem will allow for increased composability between protocols, helping teams align incentives between themselves, their investors, their community members, and more.

About Project Serum

Project Serum is a liquidity infrastructure protocol for DeFi protocols built on the Solana blockchain.It offers an on-chain central limit order book (CLOB) that gives developers access to matching services and shared liquidity across all protocols built on Serum.

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You can keep up with PsyOptions’ integration through our Twitter, Discord, and Medium.

If you’re only just learning about PsyOptions, we recommend reading PsyOptions — The thinking and ethos behind the team.

Be sure to join PsyOption’s community and reach out if you have any questions.






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