Pyth Network Partners with Serum and Burnt Finance to Launch NFT Collection

Project Serum
2 min readMay 25, 2022


Serum is excited to announce the first partner project to drop in the Serum NFT Ecosystem, the Pyth Alligators. A collection of 100 unique alligators was generated using Burnt Finance’s Ignition Launchpad, and they will be launched and minted on Burnt’s NFT launchpad.

Pyth Network unlocks once-exclusive, real-world data and delivers it in real-time via an oracle to projects building using blockchains. Specifically, it unlocks valuable financial data that’s often only accessible to a select group of market participants. This accurate, high fidelity and low latency financial data is critical for securing the next generation of decentralized finance (DeFi). Pyth Network is making decentralized finance capable of everything that traditional finance can do, and believes that DeFi, at its full potential, can accrue trillions of dollars in TVL. To get there, DeFi needs the best data that is delivered trustfully, transparently and reliably. Pyth aims to be the network to deliver that.

In addition to being part of the Pyth Network community, holding a Pyth Alligator NFT will include access to Pyth swag rewards, future NFT drops, access to exclusive Discord channels, and priority access to special Pyth offline events. Holding a Pyth Alligator will also guarantee a better chance at winning a portion of the Serum NFT Ecosystem prizes.

Out of the 100 NFTs, 30 will be white listed (WL) and 70 will be offered via a Public sale. 10 WL spots will be given out directly to contest winners by Pyth, Serum, and Burnt. All participants in the contests will have a chance at earning one of the remaining 20 WL spots, through a fairly drawn Rafflelist. In addition, every one that holds a Serum Surfer is entitled to an extra spot on the Rafflelist.

To not miss any of the contests this week, follow @PythNetwork, @BurntFinance, and @ProjectSerum on Twitter.

WL Mint: Monday May 30th, 2022 at 11am EST (15:00 UTC)

Public Sale Mint: Tuesday May 31st, 2022 at 11am EST (15:00 UTC)

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The Serum NFT Ecosystem is a series of NFT collections that will be generated, launched and minted using the Burnt Finance Ignition Launchpad. Holders of various ecosystem partners will have the chance to win unique prizes. The Serum NFT Ecosystem will include several different collections created by key partners in the Solana community. Serum was the first to drop the Serum Surfers on Burnt’s Ignition Launchpad, a collection of 5,000 unique generative NFTs. Pyth is next with their Alligator collection and more partners coming closely behind.

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