Serum Monthly Recap - April 2022

NFT Ecosystem Launch

Serum joined forces with Burnt Finance in April to launch a debut NFT collection and celebrate the release of the Burnt Finance Ignition Launchpad. The Ignition Launchpad is a no-code platform that lets users mint and sell generative NFT collections by simply uploading layers, traits and rarities without transaction or listing fees.

Bahamas Hacker House at Crypto Bahamas

The Bahamas Hacker House took place in Crypto Bahamas Conference from April 24th-29th and host 350+ participants to learn about Solana and build on the platform.

Serum Hackathon Winner at Riptide

The results from the Riptide Global Hackathon were announced earlier in April. The event ran from February 2nd through March 17th and saw 7,000 participants submit 550 projects to the judges. Google, Visa, Jump Crypto, Samsung NEXT, MonkeDAO, Mango, and Solana Ventures were category sponsors for the worldwide hackathon with a global prize pool of up to $5 million in awards and seed funding.

Buy & Burn Mechanism Update

In April, the community voted to update the buy & burn mechanism for SRM tokens.

Event Sponsorships

In April, Project Serum sponsored three events: the Miami Hacker House, the Taiwan Solana Hackathon, and the Bahamas Hacker House.

Twitter Spaces

Project Serum hosted 3 Twitter Spaces in April with team members from Cega, Burnt Finance, and PsyOptions!

  • Burnt Finance joined Serum for a Twitter Spaces discussion about the upcoming Serum NFT ecosystem and taught users how to mint their own SerumSurfers.
  • PsyOptions joined the space to discuss PsyFinance v2 vault architecture, plans for the future, and more.

New Content Alert

You can now read transcripts from previous Twitter Spaces conversations right on Serum Stories. Every month, Serum hosts conversations with visionaries from all over the cryptocurrency and DeFi spaces.



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