Serum Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Serum Newsletter! This newsletter will be used to cover the latest developments in the ecosystem, go over talking points regarding Project Serum and Solana, and pretty much everything else that has something to do with Serum.


On the 8th of October, Solana announced Wormhole, a secure and decentralized bridge to Ethereum. Wormhole, the product of a partnership with Certus One, will be first of many decentralized cross-chain bridges on Solana.

“It uses decentralized cross-chain oracles — called guardians — operated by a set of node operators that include top Solana validators and other ecosystem stakeholders whose incentives are strongly aligned with Solana and Serum. Those guardians certify token lockups and burns on one chain in order to mint new tokens or release tokens on the other, and vice versa. “ — Certus One

SenSwap — AMM for Serum

SenSwap is the first project that is building an AMM for Serum. Keep an eye out on the SenSwap Twitter for the latest developments. With AMMs come Liquidity Pools, and to understand pools and their significance, check out this Tweet thread by Sam.

New Listings & Markets

The Korean crypto community will now have much easier access to SRM with listings on Upbit and Bithumb!

SRM/BTC markets on Upbit
HXRO and UNI markets are also live on Serum!

Serum in the Media

SBF discusses why Project Serum goes beyond being a DEX, the creation of Alameda Research, and arbitrage on Chain Reaction
SBF and Anatoly talks about their vision of Solana and Serum with Laura Shin on the Unchained Podcast
SBF talks Solana and the importance of good Layer 1s, cheap fees, and accessibility for Open Finance on CoinDesk’s invest: ethereum economy

Bonfida Wallet & Trade Alerts

Bonfida recently released their own SPL Wallet (in semi-beta now), and is an incredibly beautiful alternative to The wallet will also connect to Bonfida’s GUI! Bonfida has also launched a feed on Telegram that tracks big orders on Serum.’s new GUI

“Watching a Project Serum UI to see the order book flash on the right and update every 400ms is just magical It looks and feels *identical* to a CEX, but underneath, it’s a censorship resistant DEX. Welcome to the future.” — Kyle Samani

If you have any questions or wish to build in the Serum ecosystem please feel free to reach out to us at We’re always happy to answer questions or aid in anyway we can!



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