Serum Newsletter #23

Buy and Burn

Project Serum has passed $1.56B in trading volume since inception and burned 913K $SRM.

Serum Swap Liquidity Migration

Now that v2 is live the final liquidity migration will be occurring at 03/17 12:01AM UTC.

Anchor Update

Anchor is a framework for Solana’s Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools. If you’re familiar with developing in Ethereum’s Solidity, Truffle, web3.js or Parity’s Ink!, then the experience will be familiar. Although the DSL syntax and semantics are targeted at Solana, the high level flow of writing RPC request handlers, emitting an IDL, and generating clients from IDL is the same.

Oxygen: The Defi Prime Brokerage

Bonfida Bots — Changing the Game

Have you ever dreamt of on chain trading bots? Well, Bonfida bots enable automation of trading strategies and copy trading on Serum. It’s no longer necessary to give up your API keys to centralized third parties anymore.

Mango Update



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Project Serum

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