Welcome readers new and old to the Serum Newsletter #25! As the Serum and Solana ecosystems grow we make sure to provide you information on all the updates and interesting things that are being built.

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Burns and Staking Rewards

Project Serum has passed $1.8B in trading volume since inception, burned 980K $SRM and dropped 39,350 $SRM as on-chain staking rewards. This week alone 38,136.61 $SRM was burned and 9534.15 $SRM was dropped on stakers. $272,677 at the present $SRM price.

Sollet.io Chrome Extension

Sollet is now available as a Chrome extension and it interacts with all the same dapps that work with the web based Sollet.io.

One of the cool new features is the dapp manager page, which allows extension users to manage their connected Solana dapps across all of their Sollet accounts and toggle auto approve on/off. In the future it will be possible to surface metadata from dapps such as trade history for Serum, staked lp tokens for Raydium, etc…

Please note there are two small bugs which are fixed but waiting on the Chrome extension store to update:

  1. Some windows users can’t connect at all, the screen says something about a missing file.
  2. The “keep unlocked” feature doesn’t work.

Sam Bankman-Fried Serum Keynote Lecture

Governance Voting Teaser

Serum launched its first teaser of the governance voting program. This is an upgradeable program governed by a multisig that can upgrade itself! Governance is a key part within the ecosystem, having this function allows those involved to have a key say in the direction Serum goes.

Mango Markets Updates

The Antidote Episode with the founders of Mango Markets is live.

The ICO (initial cap offering) was a success with almost all 500 caps sold on the Solana bonding curve.

Raydium Updates

The vote for bridging Sushi to Solana via Raydium is finalizing tonight. It seems that it will pass with flying colors!


They have also passed 200m in TVL on Raydium and added several new pools!


The word on the grapevine is that perpetual futures will soon be on Solana via Bonfida and will integrate the native FIDA token to the benefit of the holders.

They have also added several new strategies to their Bonfida Bots.


PsyOptions Weekly Newsletter

If you have any questions or wish to build in the Serum ecosystem please feel free to reach out to us at contact@projectserum.com. We’re always happy to answer questions or aid in any way we can!

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