Serum Newsletter #36

Burns 🔥 and Staking Rewards

Meet the Cyclos Team 🎙️

Zeta Competition 🏆

Mango Markets New Risk Calculator 🧮

Saber Labs Up Only 📈

Saber Labs also raised 7.7 million 💰

DeFi Land Art Contest 🎨

MultiCoin Capital X Project Serum

Apricot Finance partners with GoPartyParrot

Parrot Protocol is a DeFi network built on Solana that accepts cross-chain LP tokens as collaterals to mint its stablecoin $PAI. The Parrot protocol is set to make the value locked in cross-chain LP tokens accessible on Solana.

Under this partnership, Apricot’s users will be able to supply PAI as a valid collateral. In addition, users can borrow various assets such as USDT, USDC, SOL to mint PAI, and earn extra rewards from both Apricot and Parrot when they do so.

Pyth network partners with IEX Cloud

“IEX Cloud’s mission is to improve access to trustworthy financial market data and so we’re excited to be part of such an ambitious project by providing real-time market data to the blockchain,” Tim Baker, Head of IEX Cloud.

Pyth network partners with Everlend Finance

“Thanks to Wormhole, Everlend will have the ability to add assets from other chains like Ethereum, which will make it easier to attract newcomers and investors from other blockchains. At launch Everlend will support several Solana native assets and a couple of wrapped native Ethereum assets. Our smart contracts for each one will be secured by customized price feeds powered by Pyth Network.” Everlend Team

Who’s Building on Serum ? 🔧



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