Serum Newsletter #37

Burns 🔥 and Staking Rewards

Serum 🔏 Unlock

Serum Roadmap 🗺️

“Serum’s ultimate milestone has never changed. On the other hand, the means towards reaching this goal have shifted. These changes are in response to feedback from users, institutional clients, and ecosystem partners trading, composing or indirectly integrating with Serum’s CLOB.”

Meet the Raydium Team 🎙️

Zeta Competition 🏆

Bonfida Trading Competition ⚔️

Mango Season 🥭

Phantom available on 📱soon ?

Twirl DAO partners with Pyth network

This integration enables Twirl to fetch the most current price data as needed for core protocol functions. Integrating the Pyth Price Feeds will ensure the safety and accuracy of prices referenced within the Twirl Protocol, protecting users against downtime and various data manipulation attacks.

LIQ partners with Pyth network 💧

“We look forward to seeing them in action on any @solana dApps offering leverage to users regardless of their integration or not with Pyth feeds”. Pyth network commented

CoinShares partners with Pyth network

“Since launching the world’s first crypto exchange traded product (ETP) in 2015, enabling effective price discovery has been a key focus for CoinShares. A number of regulators have even cited the perceived lack of transparency related to crypto markets and pricing as a core reason to deny retail access to crypto ETPs and ETFs. Pyth network was an obvious partnership for us, as we continue to execute on our vision to unlock more transparency and establish trust in the broader crypto ecosystem using the underlying blockchain protocol to provide verifiable , trusted, real-time data to market participants.” Jean-Marie Mognetti, Chief Executive Officer of CoinShares

Who’s Building on Serum ? 🔧



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