Serum Newsletter #40

Burns 🔥 and Staking Rewards

Project Serum has surpassed $6.19B in trading volume since inception.

Atrix Protocol Interview 🎙️

This week, we are pleased to present Atrix — a new and exciting project composing directly with Serum. Atrix is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on Solana that composes directly with Serum’s orderbook to allow for permissionless liquidity pools and farm creation.

DeFi Land Beta Launch 🚜

DeFi Land will be launching its closed beta testing on August 31st. Head over to the Medium article below to find out how to receive your precious invitation code. The beta is reserved for only those who are passionate about DeFi Land!

SRM listed on BitMEX! 💥

With up to 20x leverage available, the SRMUSDT Perpetual Swap contract went live at 04:00 UTC on 24 August and is available to trade on BitMEX now.

Star Atlas Economics Paper 👨‍🚀

01 Protocol Options 📈

Learn more about how 01_protocol is planning to release binary options, everlasting options, and a suite of composable derivatives, first on their devnet and to be followed up quickly with their mainnet.

Symmetry 💍 Serum

Symmetry has now become the default swap for the Serum DEX! Congratulations to the awesome work the team has delivered over the past few months 💪

Solana New Website💄

Have you visited Solana website recently? Because it has never been so attractive 😏

1solProtocol partners with Pyth network

Pyth network partners with Hudson River Trading

Pyth network 🏺 Origins

It’s never too late to learn about Greek mythology or the next-gen oracle solution for markets data in Solana and other chains!

Who’s Building on Serum? 🔧

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully illustrates some of the exciting projects building within the Serum ecosystem!



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