Serum Newsletter #44

Burns 🔥 and Staking Rewards

Project Serum has surpassed $8.31B in trading volume since inception.

Project Serum 🤝 Bonfida

DeFi Land Test Version is Out! 🚜

The first test version of DeFi Land is out! Did you get your invite key? 🔑

In-game screenshot of DeFi Land!

Wormhole 🌉

Congratulations to the @wormholecrypto team on this incredible milestone! The Wormhole Token Bridge is going to be key for a sustainable cross-chain future.

Symmetry Swap Upgrade ⚡

Many have asked how to retrieve their SOL (around 0.023), which used as a “rent”, to create their open order accounts, the intermediary address between you and the DEX on that pair. You can now finally retrieve that SOL easily by using Symmetry Swap!

Mercurial x NFT from Star Atlas 👨‍🚀

Trading your favourite NFTs spaceships from Star Atlas through an order book can be daunting task, especially if you just want to quickly buy or sell a Star Atlas NFT. Now, you can immediately see the best price available and swap in one click thanks to Mercurial Finance!

Atrix Protocol 📚

An insightful thread from the Atrix Protocol team demystifying the concept of slippage and the role its plays in decentralized exchanges.

CropperFinance x Project Serum💧

We’re happy to announce our latest partnerships with CropperFinance, which will integrate with Serum on-chain orderbooks to provide their AMM service.

Pyth network partners with AmberGroup

Pyth network partners with Galaxy Digital

Who’s Building on Serum? 🔧

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully illustrates some of the exciting projects building within the Serum ecosystem!



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