Serum Newsletter #47

Burns 🔥 and Staking Rewards

SymmetryInterview 🎙️

This week’s feature guest is no exception. We’re kicking off 4Q2021’s first Serum Story with Symmetry, the decentralized index protocol, portfolio management tool, and analytics suite. The Symmetry team give us a thorough tour of the upcoming portfolio management and index protocols (due soon for mainnet!), insight into why they’re building out indices and baskets in DeFi, and a small glimpse into their day-to-day thinking and motivation behind their efforts.

Project Serum TVL going north ↗️

Zeta Markets 🤝 Project Serum

Zeta and Serum are aligned in their vision to bring new products to DeFi on Solana. We believe that this is a great step forward for DeFi derivatives on Solana, as we reduce parallel development in the ecosystem and provide community-oriented, ‘CeFi-like’ experience on Solana.

Serum is a world-class project on Solana. The team has delivered the Anchor framework, swap primitives, and best of all — Serum has pioneered a first-class on-chain orderbook. Zeta is looking to extend this, and create the world’s first on-chain orderbook-based derivative DEX

Raydium Order Routing 🛣️

DeFi Land Update 🚜

Off-piste 🤝 Project Serum

Serum is a major the protocol is built on Solana the seamless process of t+0 orderbook style orders and settlement on chain is truly remarkable

Star Atlas Builders 🛰️

The builders of Star Atlas produce goods and improve technology. You will work and trade with extractors and refiners who supply natural resources — all represented by NFTs

Aurory In-game Footage 🎞️

Mango Advanced Orders 🥭

Solflare Mobile App Preview 📱

Binance supports USDC & USDT in SPL format

Binance completes the USDC-SPL and USDT-SPL integration and has opened deposits and withdrawals for USDC and USDT on Solana network (SPL). Please find your assigned USDC and USDT deposit addresses on the Solana network in the Deposit Crypto page.

Who’s Building on Serum ? 🔧



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