Welcome, everyone, to Serum Newsletter #55! Yet another week of eye-catching headlines and updates throughout the Serum and Solana ecosystems. Things are never the same for too long. It can be a lot, trying to try and keep up. That’s where or newsletter comes in. We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s summary.

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Burns 🔥 and Staking Rewards

This week, 115K SRM was burned — That’s $392k at current prices!

BridgeSplit Interview🎙️

This week, we’re joined by Luke and Mary from Bridgesplit, who offer insight into their core product, their vision for Web3, and their founding story. Some of you may know Bridgesplit from their permissioned alpha released last month. Things are only kicking off for the Bridgesplit team.

DeFiCon in 🗽

If you’re in New York, stop by to say hello 👋

Defi Land Available Soon 🎄

Christmas came early! Are you excited to start exploring the DeFi Land public beta test? Available on December 22nd from 4PM UTC!

PsyOptions partners with Symmetry 🤝

Imagine being able to create options markets for any asset you want, and trade them how you see fit. What if you brought both of these ideas together? Seamlessly hedging your index exposure with options would be incredibly useful.

Step finance $5M Fund 💰

Step Finance, the “front page of Solana blockchain,” has launched a $5 million fund to make the Solana ecosystem more robust by building critical data tools.

Port Finance Sundial 🕰️

Port Finance’s Fixed Interest Rate Product is named after the instrument that sailors had used to accurately determine the time — Sundial, and is part of the suite of interest rate products that Port Finance had envisioned to bring to dock.

If you are looking for a lending product that is more capital efficient, provides better price discoverability, lower slippage, and supports more complex order types, go check out Sundial!

Drift Protocol Shipping 🛳️

The Drift Protocol team keeps on delivering and shipping! Go try it out!

Zeta Markets Tutorial📱

Do you love trading on your smartphone? You will soon be able to do so with Zeta Markets on mobile!

Anchor Official Twitter 🆕

Follow Anchor to stay up to date! ⚓ is a framework that makes building Solana applications easier by abstracting a lot of the heavy lifting.

Pyth network partners with JST Capital

“Coming from the traditional financial industry, we know the value high-quality and immediate market data provides to firms looking to operate competitively in global markets. With more institutional investors moving into the world of crypto, it is important to ensure that they have the market data experience they’re accustomed to. Pyth is one of the fastest growing crypto market data providers in the digital asset ecosystem and we’re excited to work alongside them to increase access to this data and level the playing field for traders looking to involve themselves in the future of finance.” Scott Freeman, Partner and Co-Founder of JST Capital

Who’s Building on Serum? 🔧

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully illustrates some of the exciting projects building within the Serum ecosystem!

And so many more!

If you have any questions or wish to build in the Serum ecosystem, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@projectserum.com.

We’re always happy to answer questions or assist you in any way we can!

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