Serum Newsletter #67

Serum Partners with Burnt Finance to Launch Debut NFT Collection 🖼️

The Serum NFT Ecosystem is a series of NFT collections that will be generated, launched and minted using the Burnt Finance Ignition Launchpad. Read more:

Serum Q1 recap and Q2 outlook 📜

2022 is off to an exciting start with trading volume on Project Serum DEX reaching new All-Time Highs and a capital injection from Incentive Ecosystem Foundation propelling further development of the Serum Ecosystem. Click below to read more:


This week, 110,327.09 SRM was burned. That’s $372,464.3 at the current price

New proposal on Serum DAO is now posted 🏛️

A new proposal is now posted on the Serum forum outlining how the current buy and burn process can be evolved into a buy and hold system, vote on:

Solana x Serum Bahamas Hacker House announcement 🏖️

Join us in a six-day offline event with in-person help from Serum, Solana labs , Pyth Network, and many other partners on Bahamas, check it out:

Serum Vault on PsyFinance 🏦

PsyFinance has launched a SRM Covered Call Vault that can be found on Users can deposit their SRM and start generating 20%+ APY!

Solvent announces a $500k grant from Serum 💰

Those will be used to provide rewards on Atrix NFT pools powered by Solvent protocol to make NFTs trading more capital efficient, read about it:

Composability at its finest, Katana x Zeta x Solend 🧳

Leverage cTokens from Solend can now earn more yield thanks to Katana cVaults powered by Zeta, learn the steps:

Aurory listed on OpenSea 🚀

As you may have heard, OpenSea just integrated Solana NFT’s which it’s first listings being Aurory.

Bridgesplit NFT Pools 🪣

NFT’s deserve to have liquidity like any other token, earn APY depositing into @bridgesplit pools!

Who’s Building on Serum? 🔧

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully illustrates some of the exciting project’s building within the Serum ecosystem!



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