Serum Newsletter #7

Serum Newsletter #7

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Serum Newsletter! As we wrap up the last few days of the Serum Swap airdrop program, we’d like to take the time to cover the developments being made in the Serum + Solana space as we set the stage for further growth.

Serum Swap Airdrop #16

4 airdrops to go with 2 days left. You know what to do.

Validator Upgrade

Validators have been upgraded to v1.4.9, which reduces latency of expensive queries. This also increases capacity of the validator cluster and enables Serum to handle higher load during busy trading periods.

A Dev’s Guide to Running a Validator

If you’re keen on running a validator but don’t know how, the best person to learn from would be Nishad, the head of Engineering for FTX!

On-Chain Lockups UI Progress

As the launch of on-chain lockups near, we’d like to showcase the progress made on the lockup UI:

Bonfida takes Serum to TradingView

Solana Wormhole Hackathon Recap

Some of the best and enthusiastic minds have been participating in the Wormhole Hackathon in the previous weeks, if you haven’t been keeping track, the panels have all been uploaded onto YouTube. The final ones have just gone up:

Solong adds SPL Creation

The first browser-extension wallet for Solana, Solong, has just added the ability to create SPL tokens.

Wave 1 of Solana Grants

The Solana Foundation Grants Program gives teams access to funding, dedicated technical support, recruiting assistance, and more to build out the Solana ecosystem.

Super exciting stuff

If you’re interested in building on Solana please reach out here —

If you have any questions or wish to build in the Serum ecosystem please feel free to reach out to us at We’re always happy to answer questions or aid in anyway we can!



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