Serum x Wormhole Hackathon Winners Release

Serum and Wormhole today announce the winning projects of the Convergence hackathon.

The Convergence hackathon saw over 780 registered participants, and 97 submitted projects.

The participants featured a diverse set of developers from web2, traditional finance and DeFi, and web3 backgrounds. These projects showcase a wide variety of innovative use cases in cross-chain operability in DeFi and display exceptional creativity in how well each project is improving the DeFi ecosystem.

Of the 97 projects received, some projects focus on infrastructure, some projects build user-friendly front ends to help onboard more users to crypto. Some blend the strength of different blockchains (Terra & Solana) to bring unique value to users. Additionally, there were projects focused on bringing together the DeFi, NFT and gaming ecosystem.

“As long-time supporters and advocates of the Serum and Solana ecosystems, we were thoroughly impressed with the creativity and vision of projects at Convergence Hackathon,” said Kyle Samani, Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital and one of the judges. “Composable primitives like Serum and Wormhole are clearly accelerating innovation and leveling up the playing field in DeFi. We are excited to work with the new builders coming into the space and to see what some of the brightest minds in finance and technology can bring to crypto.”

The Convergence Hackathon awarded prizes across a wide array of categories, ranging from the $100,000 grand prize to topic-specific prizes within each vertical. Here is a list of the top prize winners for the Convergence hackathon:

Main Prize

Twitter: @Credix_finance

2nd Place: Companion: Companion is an AI companion & investment app that helps ordinary people get started investing in cryptocurrency.

Twitter: @Companion_to

3rd Place: Convergence RFQ: Convergence RFQ is an open standard for market makers to provide liquidity to any project.


4th Place: Vyper: Vyper is the first tranching protocol for effective risk management on Solana

Twitter: @VyperProtocol

5th Place: Cashmere: Cashmere is a multisig wallet that enables DAOs to manage their funds

Twitter: @CashmereWallet

Community Choice Award: MacroBlock: MacroBlock is a decentralized platform that provides open access to marketplace and lending services


Serum Award

Twitter: @LIQNFT

2nd Place: Metaversium: Metaversium is a play-to-earn game that enables players to either trade their resources in the marketplace or spend resources to upgrade production chains.

Twitter: @Metaversiumgame

Wormhole Award

Twitter: @MayanFinance

2nd Place: Sentre: Sentre is all-in-one Solana DApps Store.

Twitter: @SentreProtocol

PsyOptions Award

Twitter: @Sollarprotocol

2nd Place: PsyOptions Planner: Psyoptions Planner is an options planner built for PsyOptions users to trade easier.


Pyth Network Award

Twitter: @qpoolsfinance

Atrix Award

Twitter: @SolinParis

Terra Award

Twitter: @solunaDAO

Thank you to our co host Wormhole, and prize sponsors Pyth, PsyOptions, Terra, Atrix for making this hackathon happen.

Thank you to our panel of judges for dedicating time to review the projects.



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