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3 min readJun 17, 2022

What are Serum Surfers?

Serum Surfers are a collection of 5,000 generative NFTs minted and launched on Solana through Burnt Finance’s Ignition Launchpad. They are a special homage to the Solana network’s inception, where founders Raj Gokal and Anatoly Yakovenko surfed alongside many of the early employees at Solana Beach, California.

What is SurfersDAO?

DAO is short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO is an entity with no central leadership. It is made up of a group of people, organized by a common interest in the community as represented by a token or NFT (Serum Surfers), who come together with a shared goal (to make Serum Surfers the best NFT ever!).

Together the DAO (and its Council as described below) will discuss, develop and create proposals about the future operations of the NFT/Community. These proposals will be voted on by the community and executed using onchain governance tools.

DAO Council

The SurfersDAO will be led by a Council consisting of seven members.

Elections will be held periodically by the DAO to determine the Council members. Community elected Council members will serve a four-month term.

How Council Members Are Elected — Process and Results

This past week the Serum Surfers community held elections to select two community members for the SurfersDAO Council. There were 16 candidates who participated. The process consisted of four separate primary days where four of the 16 candidates were allowed an entire day to introduce themselves to the community and make their pitch as to why they would be the best choice for council. At the end of each primary, a vote was held to determine who was the best choice for that day. At the end of the week,, all the primary winners were consolidated for one final vote of which two candidates were chosen for Council — community members KlausKlausen and LifeCryptnautic!

Goal of SurfersDAO

The SurfersDAO is being created in order to empower the Serum Surfers hodlers and help guide the future of the NFT and its community. With the creation of the DAO every Surfer hodler has a voice; a vote. Together the SurfersDAO will work towards building the Serum community and its ecosystem projects.

Elected council from the Surfers Community

“I can’t even swim. But I’m excited to ride the waves of liquidity with the Serum Surfers as your friendly neighborhood council member.” — @LifeCryptnautic

“I am super hyped about Serum Surfers and I am honored to join the SurfersDAO Council. The journey is about to start and I know this project is going to stay here for years to come!” — @lululugenlord

Monke Serum Event

This upcoming Wednesday, June 22 Serum Surfers will be co-headlining an event at NFT.NYC with Solana Monkey Business and MonkeDAO @ The Standard Biergarten from 4:30 to 7:30 PM! If you are a Serum Surfers hodler and will be attending NFT NYC and/or live near NYC and would like a chance to attend, please reach out to @KingSurfer in our discord!

To keep up to date on future Surfer news/contests/events, follow:

SurfersDAO Twitter



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