Calling All Devs — Serum, SRM, and an Ecosystem for the Future — Part 3

What’s up next

A Serum for the future. A Serum for everyone.

Get Involved!

Hosting a DEX

Screenshot from Bonfida DEX — “Trade on the most used and advanced Serum DEX UI”

Serum Swapper

“Easily integrate Serum Swap and swap directly on Serum DEX’s deep liquidity” — Source.

Deeper Integrations

  • Holding SRM makes users eligible for cheaper fees for trades matched via the Serum order book across Serum-based dApps and DEX GUIs.
  • And more volume means more value accrual for SRM.


Project Ideas

Two popular requests:

  • Manage DEX upgrades
  • List markets with tokens
  • Provide a faucet (for those tokens) that anyone can use to get and trade on the testnet DEX
  • Provide a GUI for testnet DEX
  • Run cranks on testnet DEX

EcoSerum Grants



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