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3 min readOct 19, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of the Serum Portal, another major step towards Serum’s vision of becoming the go-to portal and financial ecosystem for the wider Solana universe.

Serum went live in August 2020 as a new, non-custodial decentralized exchange powered by Solana. Behind the scenes, Serum has been powering a rapidly growing ecosystem of decentralized applications ranging across financial services, data analytics, gaming, and more.

Serum has always been about decentralization, empowering the community, and allowing for innovation by the many. This has been the case since Day 1.

Hosting a Serum-based DEX or deploying the Serum Swapper are just some of the ways the community has gotten involved.

The Serum Portal is a one-stop shop of Solana dApps which integrate with Serum’s matching engine and order book architecture and contribute to its massive shared liquidity. In this spirit, and in line with Serum’s roadmap (2.0) and decentralization goals, we want the community to be able to admire and fully access all of the contributions by Serum’s incredible developers and builders.

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The Portal currently displays two major categories of dApps which allow users to interact with the Serum central limit order book: a CEX-like trading interface, and an AMM/swap-like one.

A traditional trading interface with an order book display on Bonfida
An AMM-like display, the Serum Swapper component in action

We are pleased to see so many teams make use of Serum’s open-source resources and take inspiration from what’s currently in the ecosystem to continue the train of innovation.

All the dApps listed in the Portal are equally liquid, as they tap into the same markets on the main Serum order books. The volume generated from these forms of adoption scale favourably and accrue value to the SRM token. These interactions are also some of the drivers behind Serum’s massive shared liquidity — the same liquidity that composing projects can tap into and simultaneously contribute to, such that their builders can focus on other important aspects of their protocol without having to spin up their own liquidity or reinvent the wheel when it comes to matching orders.

Where will Serum and the Portal go from here?

The answer: many places, and your feedback and ideas will guide the way.

Serum’s contributors will continue to improve, maintain, and update the dashboard closely as a primary portal into a burgeoning and exciting domain of the Solana ecosystem. There are many planned additions for the Portal, including powerful data analytics and trading statistics. We encourage discussion in the Community Forum as always.

Do you believe your dApp, GUI, or program should also be listed on the Portal? Please reach out.

We are always receptive to your thoughts and feedback. Let us know what’s on your mind.



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